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What kinds of special educational needs does R.A.P.S. make provision for?

  • We are an Alternative Provision School
  • We have expertise in working with students with complex needs
  • We provide specialist provision for Complex learners who have above average ability but who are unable to access mainstream school because of their needs
  • We can cater for students who display a wide range of learning difficulties and complex additional needs

How does R.A.P.S. evaluate the effectiveness of its provision for pupils with special educational needs?

  • We regularly monitor and adjust provision to ensure that it is effective
  • We set individual student targets
  • We continually review progress against targets
  • We hold regular progress meetings to report back to parents on progress
  • Students are encouraged to participate in the process using a person-centered review approach

How will both R.A.P.S. and I know how well my son / daughter is doing?

  • We make regular contact with home via phone calls or visits.
  • Each half term we review progress against targets
  • We hold regular progress evenings to report back to parents

How will the curriculum and learning be matched to my son's / daughter's needs?

  • Once a student has applied to join us, they are visited by a member of our assessment team, who liaises with home and school and undertakes a broad range of assessments. This forms our baseline from which an individual programme is designed. This is reviewed and adjusted on a regular basis, with each student at the heart of decision making.

How are decisions made about the type and amount of support my son/daughter will receive?

  • We consult with parents and professionals on entry to the school and at annual reviews/progress evenings
  • Reviews of tracking data and information surrounding the student is used to inform the next steps, which are made in consultation with all stakeholders

How will my son / daughter be included in activities outside the classroom, including trips?

  • There are lunchtime activities and clubs that students can access
  • Trips are offered to all students to support their learning experience
  • Appropriate work placements and contact with local business will be available

What support will there be for my son / daughter’s overall well-being?

  • 1 to 1 mentoring happens on a daily basis through a dedicated tutor team
  • Person centered annual reviews
  • Tailored Physical Social Health Education (PSHE) provision to meet the needs of students
  • Involvement in a well-resourced ‘well being’ program

What training have staff supporting special educational needs had and what is planned?

  • All staff have specific training to meet the needs of students and have a broad range of Special Education Needs (SEN) strategies
  • Regular updates on legislation changes
  • All staff undertake performance management activities that focus on continued professional development
  • The school has close links with the Autism Education Trust who deliver up to level 3 training for a staff

What specialist services and expertise are available or accessed by R.A.P.S.?

  • Close links with a wide range of outside agencies who offer specific guidance and support to our students and school
  • Close contact with all surrounding Local Authorities

How are equipment and facilities to support pupils with special educational needs secured? How accessible is R.A.P.S.?

  • The school is all on one ground floor level
  • All equipment is modified to meet the needs of students
  • Transport is provided by the LA for all students who meet their requirements. R.A.P.S. also has access to its own transport.
  • All locations are risk assessed for their suitability

What are the arrangements for consulting parents of pupils with special educational needs? How will I be involved in the education of my child?

  • We make regular contact with home via Learning Managers, Tutors and R.A.P.S. teaching staff
  • Half termly we review progress against targets
  • We hold regular progress evenings to report back to parents on progress
  • Education Plans (EP) are written in conjunction with parents and students that allows a person centered approach
  • Person Centered Annual reviews
  • Parent/Carer forum

What are the arrangements for consulting young people with SEN and involving them in their education?

  • We hold regular meetings with students to ascertain their views on the school and help us to develop appropriate provision
  • Students are offered the opportunity to be involved in a Person Centered Review

What do I do if I have a concern or complaint about the SEN provision made by the school?

  • Speak to the school via the Tutor and/or a member of the Senior Leadership Team at the earliest opportunity so that actions can be agreed
  • If concerns are not resolved please follow the complaints procedure which is on the school website

How does the governing body involve other organisations and services (e.g. health, social care, local authority support services and voluntary organisations) in meeting the needs of pupils with special educational needs and supporting the families of such pupils?

  • They delegate responsibility to the Head of School to ensure needs are met
  • Access is provided to outside agencies arranged as appropriate
  • Resource allocation is made when particular access/support is required

How does R.A.P.S. seek to signpost organisations, services etc. who can provide additional support to parents/carers/young people?

  • Via our website
  • Annual parents and carers information evening
  • Information given to specific parents as appropriate
  • The Nottinghamshire County Council Local Offer. This can be accessed at www.nottinghamshire.sendlocaloffer.org.uk

How will R.A.P.S. prepare my child/young person to join the school and between phases of education?

  • Discussions are had with parents, students and professionals to ensure an appropriate and carefully planned transition
  • Photos of key staff along with visual timetables are given to students in preparation for starting
  • Person centered annual reviews sign post when changes to provision will be made

Prepare for adulthood and independent living?

  • Independent travel training
  • Independent living/life skills
  • Access to appropriate work experience
  • PSHE Theme days are tailored towards later life and independent living
  • Annual reviews focus on the next stage in learning/life- careers advice (IAG)

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