Paper copies of our school policies can be provided on request.

A hard copy of all relevant policies is also available for parents to read on request in the School office at Woodhouse Road and also at the R.E.A.L. Education head office at Kings Mill House, Kings Mill Way, Mansfield.

See below for a list of policy documents we have available to download –

General Policies

Admissions policy – review date 06.11.2019

Behaviour policy – review date 18.09.2019

Preventing and Tackling Bullying Policy – review date 27.02.2020

Careers Guidance policy – review date 18.09.2019

Complaints policy – review date 01.03.2020

Curriculum Plan – policy due to be updated and ratified by governors at next meeting

Charging and Remissions Statement – review date  18.10.2019

Privacy Notice

e-Safety Policy – review date 01.08.2020

H&S Policy V3 REAL Education – a ratified company wide policy implemented, due to be presented for RAPS at governors on 05.06.19

Recruitment Policy – review date 03.08.2019


Safeguarding Policy

The Safeguarding and Protection of Young People in our Care RAPS – review date 27.03.2020


SEN Policy

SEN Policy – review date 10.01.2020

British Values Statement

British Values Statement – added 10.01.2019

R.E.A.L. Alternative Provision