Curriculum Statement

The R.E.A.L Alternative Provision School will offer an innovative, bespoke and truly personalised learning package for its students.

Its curriculum will seek to provide each student with the tools required for independent life skills and the world of work.

Our core belief is that we can re-engage learners whose previous encounters with education have been unsuccessful, disrupted or have broken down, with a curriculum that is rich in functional literacy, numeracy and ICT set alongside a wellbeing support package customised to each individual’s needs and personal circumstance. Our vision is to ensure that these vulnerable young people will be provided with a clear pathway to develop key independence and employability skills. To enable this to happen we have linked with a range of business, commercial and training partners to provide opportunities for students to be gradually exposed to real life working environments.

We are clear that this pathway will not suit all learners. We have many referrals for students who are socially confident and can work happily within large groups, are confident and self supporting at their chronological age level, or whose aspirations are in a more traditional academic route into F.E / university / employment.

This curriculum offer at RAPS would not be appropriate for them, but the R.E.A.L. Independent School has learning pathways more suited to mainstream outcomes.