Richard Ball

Progression Lead, Learning Manager & Deputy Safeguarding Officer

Richard joined R.E.A.L in 2012 as a learning manager for Key Stage 4 Learners based across the county. In September 2012 Richard also became the Science Curriculum Lead, fully developing and resourcing the department, training up staff to deliver according to the syllabus and promoting the subject with in the organisation. Before joining R.E.A.L. Richard working in both mainstream and specialist residential education settings.

Richard has extensive managerial experience in both the education and health care sectors, as well as in the public sector as the joint manager of a public house.

Other experiences include:

  • Detailed involvement in the reintegration of vulnerable adults from long stay institutions to care in the community.
  • Advisor to other care establishments with in the locality in developing and equipping appropriate sensory rooms to promote well being
  • Leaving Care Social Worker for Sheffield City Council working primarily with young people diagnosed with a mental health issue or in rehabilitating persistent offenders
  • Development of the both a mechanics project and the science curriculum with in a residential school for learners with Social, Emotional and Behavioural Difficulties.


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