We believe in advocating high ambition, enabling education and business and training partners to work in synergy in a controlled and mutually supportive environment.

Industrial Partners

Linking with genuine industrial partners will allow us to plan individual progression plans for students that enable them to function within a working environment, develop intellectual, emotional and social skills that will see them develop into fully included adults.

Our Partners

Our partners have extensive experience in developing successful businesses, are sensitive to market needs and realise that young people possess an array of talents that can be nurtured to enable them to contribute to a successful business. They work eagerly alongside us to allow young people a supported transition into the world of business, commerce and further education.

What will we do:

  • Offer appropriate students and families a bespoke, individualised and aspirational curriculum opportunity
  • Ensure that there is an appropriate progression route with support at every stage for the learner and the family
  • Ensure challenge and high expectations and that employability and independence will be a shared mission
  • Enable students to be supported into work environments and to develop the personal resilience to keep working to achieve their goals
  • Ensure opportunities to engage with business/commerce and industry in a supported but challenging way
  • Ensure that students are safe and healthy
  • Listen to student voice and opinions
  • Ensure that welfare and health is supported
  • Ensure young people are functionally Literate, Numerate, and confident
  • Enable our students to understand how to look after their long term wellbeing for life
R.E.A.L. Alternative Provision