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Animal enrichment projects at Land Based Studies

The peaks of Ben Nevis and Snowdon are facing some serious competition as Goat Mountain has been constructed by staff and learners on the Land Based Studies course.

The mountain scales 10 ft high and is multi-levelled, made mostly from upcycled timber and pallets rescued from a skip belonging to a local business. Russell Garland, Teacher of Land Based Studies, said the project aimed to improve the enrichment of the goats’ enclosure: “Goats love to climb and have an amazing ability to jump and balance on different terrain.

“Goat mountain allows the goats to display their natural behaviour, which makes them happier members of the Land Based Studies team.”

One of the learners said: “It’s been brilliant to help build this for Bob and Marley. It’s been fun to work as part of a team, and I enjoyed getting to concrete the posts into the ground.”

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