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Careers Week 2021

R.E.A.L. Education is pleased to be supporting National Careers Week 2021, which takes place on 1st – 6th March. We have lots of exciting opportunities lined up to spark the imagination of our learners and inspire them to think about their future!

There will be a full range of virtual/online activities available through Student Hub. We have also lined up a wide range of employers to provide interactive talks about their industry and answer learners’ questions, via Zoom and video.

If you want to start a conversation about careers with your child, there are some useful resources available on the BBC that may help children and young people to start thinking about career choices:

The Ultimate Work Experience: Stacey Dooley takes five 16-18 years olds into industries crying out for young workers; watch to find out how they got on – each episode lasts 30 minutes. Click here to watch.

Bitesize Careers: Whether you’re deciding what to study, taking your exams, planning a career or just curious, we’re here to explain the world of work, with advice from people who’ve found the right path for them. Click here to find out more.  

If your child or learner would like support with careers advice, just mention it to their learning manager, provision manager, or teacher for careers advice; a careers guidance interview can be arranged. 

We’ll be providing you with a round up of the activities from Careers Week in next month’s newsletter.


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