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eSafety Month

With global ‘Safer Internet Day’ on Tuesday 11th, February is officially eSafety month at R.E.A.L.

At R.E.A.L., the aim is that learners lead a safe digital life – harnessing the great opportunities that technology can bring, whilst feeling empowered to make good choices to stay safe.

R.E.A.L. Education has an eSafety group that meets regularly throughout the year. The group – which is a cross section of staff and key leaders from across R.E.A.L. Education – owns, monitors and coordinates the delivery of improvements in eSafety.

As part of eSafety group’s work, focussed activities, resources and projects will take place in February to highlight the importance of responsible use of ICT.

A new ‘eSafety and digital defence’ online course has been designed for all staff to complete. There is also a dedicated online eSafety engineroom so staff can find resources, ideas, inspiration and research.

Another new resource has been developed specifically for learners – the Digital Defence Award. The Digital Defence Award can be achieved by learners completing a specially compiled workbook that will help them to take their eSafety skills to the next level. Completing the workbook will mean learners pick up new ideas to stay safe, and will also demonstrate to their teachers that they are a responsible and safe user of technology.

Keeping learners safe is of the highest priority at R.E.A.L. Education. R.E.A.L.’s eSafety policy can be downloaded here.


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