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Mansfield Town Football Club player visits R.E.A.L. Mechanics

R.E.A.L. Mechanics were treated to a very special visit before the Christmas break.

Bobby Olejnik, goalkeeper at Mansfield Town Football Club, visited the Kings Mill Way learners to talk about his life as well as his successful footballing career.

Bobby spoke to the learners about his experiences growing up in Austria, and how he made sure that he completed his education – he would study and then play football – often not getting home until ten o’clock each night. Bobby talked about the importance of staying focussed and dedicated (and not getting distracted), which was sometimes hard when his friends were all doing whatever they wanted.

As well as speaking to Bobby about football in general, the learners also asked Bobby about how it felt to let goals in. Bobby said mostly it was just part of the game, but if it was his fault he would feel really bad (thankfully his team are good at being supportive).

Bobby also said he also said he was the team’s tech guy – if anyone’s phone breaks they bring them to him to fix it. He thinks this stems from his childhood – his family did not have much money, so when things broke, Bobby’s father fixed them and he watched and helped.

Kerry Shooter, Learning Assistant at R.E.A.L. said: “We are trying to give our learners lots of different experiences, so we aim to invite at least two people a term from different places to come and talk to them.

“Bobby really went down well with our learners. He came across as a very driven person who liked to do lots of different things, not just playing football.

“Our learners really gained a lot from Bobby’s visit, and he seemed to really enjoy visiting and speaking to them as well.”

R.E.A.L. Mechanics have recently had visits from the army, a person who works in a bank, someone who works with people with addictions and also the Delorean car from the film franchise, Back to the Future! The aim of these visits is to give learners as many different experiences and life perspectives as possible to complement their learning experience.

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