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Maxine’s R.E.A.L. Experience

A Youth Justice Student from Nottingham Trent University has recently completed a two-week placement at R.E.A.L. Education as part of her course.

Maxine Robinson spent time at the City Learning Hub in Nottingham, the R.E.A.L. Alternative Provision School (RAPS) and R.E.A.L. Independent School at Concorde House.

Maxine found that her time and experiences at R.E.A.L. invaluable, saying: “All staff members, managers and learners alike treated me with respect and made me feel a real part of their daily working environment.

“I have seen all aspects of the organisation; from one-to-one sessions to management meetings and everyone has shared their experiences with me, whether it be on a professional or personal level.

“Learning managers and tutors make a valuable contribution in helping to motivate and encourage participation by the young people. To me, what makes the organisation unique in its approach to learning is the simple fact that young people are listened to, and have a voice which is valued and recognised.

“R.E.A.L. Education offers a holistic, bespoke, person-centred approach to learning. As personalised academic programmes are delivered according to the individual’s needs and age, the learner is really able to make progress.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my time spent at R.E.A.L. I have seen that with the right support in place, belief in one’s own capability, and working together to achieve set goals – anything is possible.”


RAPS Mansfield will became RIS Mansfield on 27th May. The new RIS website will be launching shortly.

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