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National ‘Teaching Assistant of the Year’ Nominations

In honour of National Teaching Assistant’s Day, R.E.A.L. Education was invited to nominate teaching assistants who we felt had gone the extra mile, for the national ‘Teaching Assistant of the Year’ awards. This year the annual competition was all about celebrating those teaching assistants who have been heroes through the pandemic. 

We thought this was a great opportunity to show how proud we are of our staff members and to recognise the amazing efforts they have made during this global pandemic. Several submissions were received from managers over the summer break, all of which were incredibly deserving, and we would like to offer special thanks to those managers who took time to make a nomination, including; Alison Wellings, Nikki Purcell, Nicky Ball, Ellen Longmate, Stacey Edwards, Kelly Jackson, and Nichola Goddard.  

A selection panel then had the incredibly difficult task of short-listing the superstars nominated down to only six submissions, which were then put forward to the competition. On 10th September, the R.E.A.L. HR Team contacted the six nominees and informed them of the submission to the national awards on their behalf. The six nominees were: Laura Till, Jodie Strand, Jordan Ward, Gemma Underwood, Lyn Cope, and Beth Farnsworth.

As this was a national award, there were thousands of submissions made and just a handful of winners selected. Our nominees may not have achieved one of the top few places but were still thrilled to hear how they had been put forward for the award and to receive their certificate congratulating them on their nomination.

Our staffing team is obviously made up of many outstanding practitioners and we hope to see similar awards and recognition for other roles in the future. Huge congratulations to all of the fantastic nominees, as well as to our wider staffing team, for all of your enormous efforts during this difficult year. To us, you are the R.E.A.L. superheroes!

You can see the nominations here.


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