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New Digital Suite and courses at Hinckley

A Creative Digital Arts course is set to start next academic year in the new R.E.A.L. Digital Suite at Hinckley.

The Digital Suite has the latest state of the art equipment, with Apple iMacs, wireless mice and keyboards and a large interactive digital screen. The suite has been open for learners and staff to use since last October, with a Creative Digital Arts course to start in the new school year.

Chris Newman, Head of Quality of Education, said it will replicate the current Digital Arts course in Mansfield: “If you go to mainstream schools, very few will have this sort of equipment. We can offer more creative aspects of IT rather than just functional. It’s great for the learners to actually use this kind of technology, instead of just learning about it.

“We live in a modern world with things continually going online. This suite is important for the learners to not just learn the basics, but it gives them skills for jobs that aren’t even jobs yet, so it’s really important.”

Rich Smith, Director of R.E.A.L. Education, said: “R.E.A.L. Hinckley site is an exciting educational setting in which students are exposed to fully operational industrial projects. 

“Learning the highest level of technique, method and process, our students develop skills in line with the cutting edge of today’s demanding digital content market and beyond.”

R.E.A.L’s town centre site at Hinckley offers full-time school placements for youngsters with complex additional needs. For more information please email or call 01623 490136.


RAPS Mansfield will became RIS Mansfield on 27th May. The new RIS website will be launching shortly.

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