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New Raspberry Pi Computers

Computing resources at R.E.A.L. Education have been expanded this year with five new Raspberry Pi 3 computers.

Widely recognised as one of the best ways to teach coding, the Raspberry Pi is a small computer that can be used for a wide range of projects – from building a functioning laptop, home security system development, teach programming skills in Minecraft to building a robot.

About the size of a credit card, each Raspberry Pi is connected to a full-sized, monitor keyboard and mouse and can connect to the secure R.E.A.L. internet wirelessly. They are very versatile devices and can be used by learners from Key Stage 2 to 5 to build their skills and confidence in our ever-increasingly digital world.

Over the next few weeks, Key Stage 3 learners will be using the new Raspberry Pi computers to learn how to program in an industry-recognised language called Python. To make this engaging, they will be doing this in the Minecraft environment, where they can see visually what the code they have written does in Minecraft.

Richard Williams, Computing and ICT Lead at R.E.A.L. Education said: “As a result of this programing activity, learners will grasp some very complex concepts, such as using loops, variables and appropriate Python syntax as well as growing their team working skills to solve problems.”


RAPS Mansfield will became RIS Mansfield on 27th May. The new RIS website will be launching shortly.

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