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Pineapple on pizza?

Pineapple on pizza is a combination that divides us all and learners at Newark Hub were no different when debating the controversial topic.

It was all part of ‘Question of the Week’, something tutor Charlotte Spooner began as a way to encourage the learners’ speaking and listening skills. Charlotte said: “I started this after the May half term. I wanted to give the learners something to discuss together, as many of them had been unable to work alongside each other during the various lockdowns.”

Charlotte was creating a positive mental health display and wanted the learners’ input. They suggested ideas such as reading books, listening to music, walking a dog, but it didn’t create a huge amount of discussion. Charlotte said: “This is when I decided to go for the popular and controversial topic of pineapple on pizza! It was greeted with a lot of disgust from some but it ignited group discussions.

“Some said pineapple is a fruit so it doesn’t belong on a pizza, but then others said so is a tomato, to others saying it goes against Italian culture. It was really wonderful seeing students who weren’t overly engaged become very passionate.”

Other questions have been ‘What if it was October all year round?’, ‘What if there were no straight lines?’ and ‘What if people had wheels instead of legs?”

Here at R.E.A.L., we try new and innovative ideas to engage with our learners and promote thinking skills, confidence and good oracy.


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