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R.E.A.L. Fun Learning with STEM

MaKey MaKey Bread Keyboard

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) resources at R.E.A.L. Education have been boosted recently with an aim to expanding on the fantastic work already achieved in this area.

This year R.E.A.L. learners have entered national competitions, experienced new technologies such as 3D pens, robotics, Raspberry Pi computers and most recently, experimented with a new MaKey MaKey kit (an invention kit that tricks your computer into thinking that almost anything is a keyboard).

There is also a R.E.A.L. Education space launch project on the horizon which will result in the launch of an unmanned meteorological weather balloon.

Duncan Allen, STEM Teacher at R.E.A.L. Education said: “STEM as a group of subjects ‘rethinks’ education – fitting perfectly with the R.E.A.L. Education’s ethos. It connects subjects like Science and Technology by drawing out the most practical aspects and Engineering brings opportunities to design, construct and create. When using this combination of skills together, it is impossible to avoid the use of Mathematics – maths becomes hidden, natural and altogether more fun.

“We have talented, hard working staff who can deliver challenging subjects to a range of learners – many of whom respond brilliantly to hands on, practical resources.

“The experiences our learners have with STEM at R.E.A.L. really do capture their imagination as they engage with a range of subjects that are linked with industry.”

To find out more about STEM at R.E.A.L. Education email or call 01158 220400.


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