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R.E.A.L. Wellbeing Room


Wellbeing Room

Our new Wellbeing Room is now up and running at Kingsmill House!

The Wellbeing Room is a space in which R.E.A.L.’s wellbeing work can really help learners to flourish in a variety of ways. Activities range from using technology for mindfulness and mind/body awareness to creative activities to build emotive language.

The room contains a large blackboard wall for ideas and suggested activities, a bookcase full of relevant books which can be used by staff to research the area of wellbeing further, comfy seating to enhance relaxation and engagement, sensory lighting, smartwatches (to be used as heart rate monitors) and a TV screen which can be used to support innovative Mindwave technology.

Mindwave technology has been developed to support mindfulness, which in turn has been proven to develop concentration, support those with Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), help prevent depression and support people dealing with the anxieties of day to day life.

The resource comprises of a head band that monitors the brainwaves of the wearer and then transfers this information onto a screen. The wearer then has a selection of tasks to complete by focussing their mind to control items on the screen. When paired with a heart rate monitor, you can see how the process not only improves focus but lowers the heart rate, and in turn has a calming effect which improves the ability to learn.

Fay Hunter, Wellbeing Lead said: “I am excited to be able to offer this innovative space where we can really focus on supporting the wellbeing of our learners! I have already used the space to offer some staff continuing professional development (CPD) and this will become a regular opportunity. I hope to be able to offer 1 hour supported sessions to support staff and learners very soon.”

All R.E.A.L. learners can access the room by asking their tutors or learning managers to contact Fay Hunter to book a slot (email or call 07785 627850). Training for the Mindwave technology is also available for R.E.A.L. staff, please contact Fay for more information.


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