School Improvement Priorities

Real Alternative Provision 14-19 School (RAPS) Year 1 Strategic Plan

  1. Development of a high quality Leadership team that can lead the school effectively

It is our firm belief that RAPS provides an outstanding opportunity for aspirant leaders to progress their careers, inspire young people to achieve their REAL potential and to develop a truly special, creative and innovative educational setting that will become a beacon for others both locally and nationally.

  • High expectations of themselves and those around them
  • Be committed to ensuring all learners have a firm / accurate baseline of assessment on entry
  • Be committed to ensure that ambitious and challenging targets are in place and achieved for all learners
  • Celebrate achievement and quality and to share and disseminate good practice
  • Challenge, question and support underperformance
  • Take a major lead in the long term strategic planning in RAPS
  • Participate in rigorous, fair and objective self-evaluation to enable RAPS to continually improve its practice
  • Is prepared to think differently about alternative provision and be prepared to innovate, develop and “Blue sky think”
  • A sense of humour, drive and belief in what REAL stands for
  • Supports up and down the organisation
  • Enjoys coming to work

All SLT team members will have a shared responsibility for;

  • Quality of teaching and learning
  • Achievement
  • Behaviour and safety
  • Leadership and management

Specific Roles

We are looking to develop a very strong, united and supported team. One that can genuinely share open and honest opinions in a professional and supportive way. With a variety of  skill sets, personalities and strengths it is our vision that the team will share the same belief and passion about delivering the very best for our young people.

The team will be composed of the following 4 roles (which all have overlap / common themes as well as specific roles.)

  1. Progress leader
  2. Curriculum Leader
  3. Pathways / Business / partnership Leader
  4. Employability / engagement / independence lead

Each leader will focus upon 5 key points to ensure RAPS is effectively supporting all students and our delivery staff to ensure excellent outcomes.

Progress Leader

  • Ensure data on entry is accurate / liaison with commissioners to establish key progress indicators – (link to Business / Pathway / Partnership lead)
  • Develop effective monitoring, recording and reporting across RAPS
  • Ensure assessment process is embedded effectively into Teaching and learning
  • Ensure reward / SIRF / Attendance data is effectively utilised
  • Develop systems that ensure that progress of all learners is effectively tracked and work with other leads to implement strategies for learners experiencing difficulties / support / SEN / FSM / LAC

Curriculum Leader

  • Ensure all staff at RAPS understand what excellence in Teaching and learning looks like
  • Ensure that staff are supported to achieve it – Lead on staff development
  • Lead on Q.A System throughout RAPS ensuring quality and rigour exists in SOL, in lessons and student outcomes
  • Support and develop subject leads regarding OFSTED /Exams / S.M.S.C / IV / Timetable
  • Work with Progress leader to track and support student progress within RAPS

Pathways / Business / Partnerships Lead

  • To ensure every RAPS student has a clear and challenging yearly plan that leads to long term progression
  • To work with Achievement / Progress leads to track and monitor progress and support underperformance
  • To work with local business / industry / commerce to build creative links for learners to enhance their school experience
  • To oversee P.S.H.E. with curriculum / subject leads to ensure all students have access to outstanding levels of support to meet their needs within RAPS
  • Ensure effective transition into work / employment / training / F.E / apprenticeship / post 16

Employability / Engagement / Independence lead

  • To develop and lead a team of specialist staff that can support learners with particular Special needs that in some establishments would be a barrier to progression
  • Develop and independence curriculum that supports learners to become self-sustainable, safe and confident young people
  • With the Pathways / Business / Partnership leads – to develop effective work placed learning opportunities within RAPS
  • Work with the Progress leader to develop a method of accurately tracking skills development for learners
  • To lead on Health and safety / Safeguarding / off site working and oversee progress off all LAC learners

Nicky Purcell – Principal


RAPS Mansfield will became RIS Mansfield on 27th May. The new RIS website will be launching shortly.

R.E.A.L. Alternative Provision