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STEM for all at R.E.A.L.

More R.E.A.L. learners will have access to STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) resources thanks to an inventive new idea.

‘STEM library’ baskets have been placed in six hubs around R.E.A.L. Education – Blidworth, Land Based Studies, Sneinton, Newark, Worksop and Concord House. The baskets contain engaging activities, linked to maths and science that can be ‘signed out’ by learners.

Duncan Allen, STEM Coordinator at R.E.A.L. Education said: “I’d like the STEM libraries to have a community feel – like the phonebox libraries where people donate books. Also, the baskets have adjustable bottoms they can grow with demand whilst taking up little room.

“The overall aim is to widen the access to STEM activities, and to give more of our young people the opportunity to engage with them. The feedback so far has been really positive – hopefully this is something that we can build on for the future.”

It’s an exciting time for STEM at R.E.A.L. – look out for future updates in future newsletters.


RAPS Mansfield will became RIS Mansfield on 27th May. The new RIS website will be launching shortly.

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