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The Big Zoo Debate

The first baby Tasmanian Devil being born in the wild in Mainland Australia, in over 3000 years, sparked off a topical debate for learners in Jennie Astle’s science lessons.

The amazing discovery led the learners to discuss whether zoos are still necessary in today’s society. Jennie Astle, Science Teacher, said: “We looked at the pros and cons of zoos today and came up with a list for both sides of the argument. From the pros of zoos educating the public about animals they may never see in the wild, to cons of animals often held in unnatural conditions.”

After a lengthy discussion, they decided that zoos were justified. Jennie said: “The benefits outweigh the negatives, but there needs to be monitoring of the environments.

It was a fascinating session and we ended by making some 3D models of animals we may see in zoos.”

Understanding and appreciating our natural environment is a critical part of the curriculum at R.E.A.L. R.E.A.L. Education provides tailored one to one programmes, including science, across the East Midlands.


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