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The Desert Rats Pay R.E.A.L. a Visit

Students and staff at the R.E.A.L. Mechanics site were inspired by a visit from 7th Infantry Brigade & HQ East  (otherwise more commonly known as ‘The Desert Rats’).  The team from the infantry unit spoke about their careers within the army and what types of vocations are open to those serving in the army.

The team then challenged learners with some interactive games. 

All games were built around a real life scenario and structured within fixed time constraints. In one game, the learners were briefed to recover a number of objects from an out-of-bounds area using basic tools and equipment.

Other activities were used to develop a breadth of skills including:

  • Team work
  • Time management
  • Logical thinking
  • Problem solving
  • Coordination

The army led these sessions and provided some really useful guidance; nevertheless, they were very clear that their engagement is not about direct recruitment to the armed forces.

The students thoroughly enjoyed the session, they engaged throughout the activities and presentations and asked some really interesting and relevant questions. The visitors commented that the students were a credit to R.E.A.L. as they took part enthusiastically throughout. 

It was great to see the learners work together as a team and still comply with the difficult social distancing measures.  Kerry Shooter (R.E.AL. Mechanics tutor) commented: ‘We had a really good afternoon, all of the learners engaged well’

A learner commented that; ‘The session was fun and informative and it was interesting to see what careers I could do in the army. My favourite part of the session was trying to remove the oil drums from the target area on the floor – meaning we had to work as a team.’

Even with strict social distancing measures in place,  R.E.A.L. Education tutors manage to organise events such as these, bringing in expertise and widening all students’ opportunities to enrich their learning experience.

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