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The R.E.A.L. Mechanics Team Quarantine Workout!

The R.E.A.L. Mechanics team at Kingsmill Way have collaborated with R.E.A.L. Creative Digital to spread some quarantine joy to their learners, with Kerry Shooter, Liam Harvey, Kieran Vardy and Toni Germany all donning exercise gear for a very special quarantine workout video!

The hilarious video highlights social distancing and handwashing whilst the team dance to a dedicated quarantine workout track. It has been uploaded to R.E.A.L. Mechanics learners’ online workbooks to give them all a smile.

Toni Germany, Provision Manager at Kingsmill Way Mechanics was inspired to make the video after she saw the original version on Facebook. After bringing her team on board, she then recruited Neil Kellow and R.E.A.L. Creative Digital, who were delighted to get involved and provide their technical filming, directing and editing expertise.

Toni said: “IT WAS HILARIOUS! We had the best time and it really did make us laugh from start to finish. I can’t thank Neil and the Creative Digital team enough for supporting our idea and making it work! And obviously a massive well done to the team for (as always) putting our learners first and just wanting to make this awful situation a little better.

“The workout video is funny, and that was the intention, but it is also a reminder of procedures that are in place so that our learners are as safe as possible. The learners who have been onsite have taken to it like a duck to water really – credit to them for abiding by the rules and taking a mature approach to it.

“We are hoping to be famous after this, but don’t worry we will always remember our roots! Autographs are being signed from Kings Mill Way Mechanics, BOOYAAA!”

Click here to view the full quarantine workout video!


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