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The Referral Team at R.E.A.L.

From top L-R: Gill Corfield, David Ivemy, Claire Norgate, Fay Hunter, Sarah D’sa. Bottom L-R: Maria Wills, Denise Lane

The Referral and Assessment Team are often the first contact that people have with R.E.A.L. Education. This month, we’ve focused on the work that this unique team do, to give an insight into the referral and assessment process.

The process usually starts with an initial enquiry – from commissioners and parents to individual schools, social care, local authority officers, education, health and care pathways, or other relevant agencies. A panel then meets to make a decision on whether R.E.A.L. Education can meet the needs of that young person.

Contact is then made with the commissioner, and once confirmation is received that they would like R.E.A.L. to go ahead, the team then make contact with the family or caregivers for the young person and arrange a home visit.

Staff and sessions are allocated for the young person, and at the home visit, the referral team manager spends time getting to know the young person – finding out what interests them and how they like to work.

For the next six weeks, the referral team work with the young person delivering an individualised and bespoke plan, gathering baseline information, seeing the way they prefer to work and offering them the chance to visit vocational hubs and attend taster sessions. A report with recommendations for future provision for the young person is then produced for the commissioner and the young person is then handed to a new learning manager.

Denise Lane, Referral Team Manager at R.E.A.L. Education said: “We meet these young people and their families when they are at their most vulnerable and are not sure what to expect. They also often find it difficult to trust professionals coming into their home due to previous experiences. Not only is it our job to help the young person succeed, but it is also our responsibility to secure a firm working relationship with the parents/caregivers.

“I am incredibly proud to work with the Referral and Assessment Team. They are the most committed, driven and enthusiastic team I have ever had the pleasure of working alongside and they all make a huge difference to our young people every day.”

The Referral and Assessment Team are the first key step on the R.E.A.L. journey for a lot of our learners – offering what they need to help them make the most of their potential and to ultimately re-engage them in learning.


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