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Victoria Miekle – Working at R.E.A.L.

Victoria is the School Lead for R.E.A.L. Alternative Provision School (RAPS) and joined the team in 2019.

Victoria says: “One of my favourite things about working at R.E.A.L. is the passion and commitment running throughout the entire company to help the young people that we work with. The family work ethos for our learners and their families is brilliant – it also applies to staff, creating a supportive environment to work in with a wealth of experience and knowledge to draw from.

“I feel that there are lots of benefits associated with working at R.E.A.L., but what has been most significant to me personally is having the support from all departments to implement strategies that impact positively on a young person’s ability to succeed. It is clear that every member of staff lives and breathes the R.E.A.L. ethos – we are all working together in the same direction to support our learners to achieve and progress.

“R.E.A.L is different to other educational settings as it challenges a more traditional approach to learning and is able to really create a bespoke learning package to each individual learner that suits their interests, future ambition and needs. It can do this by having such a wide range of both academic and vocational courses available.

“The organisation encourages and supports staff with ideas that will help benefit the young people we work with and truly builds a curriculum around a learner’s own aspirations and needs. This way of working creates an environment for change and ultimately the success of the lives we touch.

“The culture and environment R.E.A.L.’s curriculum structure creates is one where learners become highly motivated, responsible and engaged in their education. This is because their needs are not only being met but are being heard in terms of their choices – they are also encouraged to be the leader on their own learning journey.

“The culture that R.E.A.L. has created means that staff teams are empowered, motivated and trusted. This is vital and something that the company does really well.

“R.E.A.L. shapes and changes lives for the better – and that makes me so proud. It’s amazing to see learners that may have struggled with education in the past, or lost confidence, start to rebuild those foundation blocks and come to school happy and excited, leaving with a smile on their face.

“Working at R.E.A.L. has made me excited about education again – it has redefined traditional structures that don’t work for some young people, and has clearly invested so much time and money into creating the best possible opportunities for all of it’s learners and staff. It has been an amazing experience so far and I look forward to what happens next!”

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RAPS Mansfield will became RIS Mansfield on 27th May. The new RIS website will be launching shortly.

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