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Volunteering at Stonebridge City Farm

Giving learners the chance to take part in ‘real life’ work experience opportunities is a key aspect of learning at R.E.A.L. Education.

For one R.E.A.L. learner, a weekly visit to a city farm has helped to develop his social, as well as his gardening skills.

The learner’s work experience takes place at Stonebridge City Farm, a registered charity based in St. Ann’s, Nottingham. The farm has a range of animals and also grow seasonal vegetables and herbs.

They work hard at the farm one afternoon a week, undertaking tasks such as digging, planting, preparing garden beds, weeding, mowing and rotavating. Each week he is given a different task to do and he embraces each one with enthusiasm!

The learner mixes happily with the other volunteers and workers at the farm, all who like him and have a laugh with him.

Stephen Kirby, Teacher at R.E.A.L. Education said: “I feel that working at Stonebridge has been this learner’s salvation, and has helped him to develop into a confident and hard working young man.

“The other workers and volunteers at the farm all treat him like “one of the family” and expect him to “muck in” like everyone else – which he does.

“The learner says that working at the farm makes him feel “wanted and treated as an adult”.

“I love our sessions at Stonebridge and look forward to the time each week. I have seen him blossom over the past few years and feel that he has been welcomed into the Stonebridge “family” with open arms.”

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